Unique Value Propositions Guide

Unique Value Propositions: A Guide to Holistic Health Marketing

Your livelihood depends on attracting clients, and an important way to do that is your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Here’s why you need one, and tips on how to create a winner UVP.

Why you need a Unique Value Proposition as a Holistic Health Practitioner

The field of holistic medicine—including Integrative and functional medicine—is maturing (becoming more competitive). This makes it increasingly important to distinguish yourself from other practitioners. A well thought out Universal Value Proposition (a.k.a. Universal Sales Proposition) is an indispensable tool to help achieve this.

A UVP should describe your uniqueness as a business—and you as its leader. It should also present your strengths and benefits of your services / products in a way that distinguishes you from other businesses in your market.

When creating your UVP, remember that health consumers increasingly want a personalized approach from their provider.

And here’s the good news:

If the provider’s UVP fits with the consumer’s personalization expectations, the possibilities of a happy and successful pairing of doctor and patient are enormously enhanced! That is why you need to think seriously about this issue.

How to Write a Unique Value Proposition

To write a Unique Value Proposition, there are some fundamental questions to ask and answer, starting with your intended audience and company mission. Questions such as:

  • What is your company mission, and why did you select this mission?
  • Who is your target market, and where can they be found online
  • What are the health and wellness values that you and your organization appeal to in your target audience?

Other issues to address in your UVP include:

Target your audience so you can customize your Unique Value Proposition

Trish Saemann, founder of True North, outlined the importance of targeting  an audience narrowly enough to be customized:

“When you focus your energy on targeting a narrower audience, your message can be more customized. Customized messages are the ones that get the real engagement, and when that happens, there is a higher chance they will trust you to understand their needs. They will know you are a good fit for them.”

This perspective is consistent with the view of more and more health and wellness consumers who want a more personalized approach from their provider than what they previously received from conventional medicine providers.

Focus your Unique Value Proposition on the benefit to the customer

When presenting the qualities that make you and your organization unique, emphasize the benefit to your client. One way to do this is to do research on the challenges a.k.a. “pain points” of your target audience. What has been their frustration before considering you and your practice? Is it a lack of time with their health provider? Previous providers focusing on treating symptoms rather than root causes? Problems with insurance approving specific procedures? Take the time to explain how your organization can address those problems and benefit your audience.


To be effective, a Unique Value Proposition is best delivered in a face-to-face conversation with a prospective client/patient. Your UVP should communicate your value to customers regarding benefits and their health and wellness values.

As part of the presentation, discover your audience’s “pain points” and gaps left by your competitors and show how your brand can address those issues. Personalization is critical to health consumers. Show how you can address their concerns in a way that they will benefit while showing understanding and empathy for their concerns—and you will be well on your way to gaining a new client.

For other tips to persuade your target audience to consider an Integrative/Functional medicine approach over conventional medicine see: “Five Reasons to Choose Integrative/Functional Medicine Over Conventional Medicine.”


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