As part of our mission we made this video to show what we can do for you to help you with your business. We call this video “The Client Journey” a term we came across a while ago. Let us take you on a short journey of what being a client of ours would be like!

Have MORE time

Let us take the weight off your shoulders

Have a resource

Refer clients and interested parties

Have a plan to promote

We are your go-to source who understands "wellness is more than the absence of disease."

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Frustrated from spending more time searching for clients than helping them heal from their illnesses and/or achieving a higher level of health and wellness
  • Wanting to have the best questions handy to ask people to find out quickly whether they might be able to benefit from your expertise
  • Wishing you had a resource for a variety of information on health and wellness that you could refer clients and interested parties
  • Needing someone to help promote your business that understands “Wellness is more than the absence of disease.”
  • Not knowing where to find a “go to” source who takes the time to understand your business mission and then help craft your message about your services and products

If you’re ready to take action that leads to solutions to your marketing and promotional needs, please see our Services page for details on how we can help you, and contact us for a free consultation.

We think you’ll like the solutions we propose, the benefits you’ll enjoy from using our services, and most of all — achieving some peace of mind regarding the marketing and promotion of your business / practice. If you like what you see, see our Contact page by clicking HERE and let us know what’s on your mind so we can start getting to know you and how we can help you with your messaging.


If you are a professional practicing in the area of Integrated Medicine or Functional Medicine, and:

  • believe wellness is more than the absence of disease, and
  • prefer addressing the underlying causes of health issues rather than simply focusing on symptoms,
  • would like some help in crafting your message of health and wellness to your clients and target audience, then—

 You have come to the right place…

Take a look and see how we can help you....

Email Marketing

Typically done using email marketing as our number one tool to help promote your business.

Content Development

Entails writing content for your website, developing blog posts, and/or developing email newsletters.

Website design

Begins with a review of your existing website and evaluating whether it adequately identifies your organization’s mission and communicates effectively to your target market.


Ensure your documents are error-free and impactful, with flawless language and formatting. Ready to get started?

Social Media Managment

Refresh your social media and brand.

Office Assistance

Performing research, sending emails to clients, scheduling appointments and maintaining calendars, and organizing.

We believe you can't do business alone, read these success stories

"Health Marketing Innovations helped me create my first email newsletters. They delivered them quickly and with links for my patients to find additional information. Thank you, Tasha, for helping me stay connected to my community."
Shayna L. Keller
"Mike was hired by our start-up education lead generation web company to provide original content copy related to evaluating and choosing valid ongoing vocational and educational opportunities. His creative, timely and professional work added significantly to improving our SEO, resulting in a rapid rise in the company's Google rating."
Tom Sears
Freelance Technical Writer
"Mike did a wonderful job writing the content for our nonprofit website. He took the ideas/content we provided him with and created content that spoke to our potential followers in a way that touched their hearts and motivated them to support our project. If you’re looking for a content writer to take your ideas and create cohesive and compelling content for your website look no further!"
Melinda McCaw
Melinda McCaw Media, LLC

The one thing you must do to attract and keep high-quality consumers of integrative / functional medicine is gain their trust

Consistent, informative, personalized communication is the key to developing the trust you need to attract and keep the high-quality clients you desire. Try our free offer: “7 Essential Tips to Attract and Keep Your Ideal Client” to find out how to achieve that.


Health Marketing Innovations believe  “Wellness is more than the absence of disease.” We have experienced significantly greater satisfaction in our personal and professional lives by making our own health and wellness a high priority. This is why we are passionate about helping others spread the word of its vital importance and that investing in health and wellness can lead to greater productivity, improved professional and personal relationships, and a happier, longer life. 

Your Story

We all have a story … what’s yours? How can we help you achieve your business goals?