Underlying Cause of Addiction

“Anything that is “wrong” with you, begins as a survival mechanism in childhood.”- Dr. Gabor Mate It is perfectly normal to run away from pain instead of facing it head on. It’s part of human nature. Most of us were not taught how to deal with our pain or our emotions. As a result, many […]

Brain Health: How to get it and Maintain it

Having trouble focusing on the simplest tasks? Fighting depression? Feel as though you have brain fog? There are ways you can improve your brain function and opt-in for a sharper, faster, better brain. First and foremost, what causes a broken brain? Fixing your brain starts with fixing your body. Too much sugar, alcohol, mercury poisoning, […]

Sleep and Its Importance to our Health and Wellness

Sleep is as critical to our well-being as food, water, or shelter. Yet, as a society we don’t always treat it that way. Below are some ways to support your sleep including – monitoring the food and drink we consume, limiting late night TV viewing, and using relaxation methods to achieve your long-term sleep goals. […]

Heart Health: Achieving and Maintaining

In this short essay we will ask and attempt to answer two questions: Should you be concerned about the health of your heart?, andIf you should be concerned, then what action(s) should you take to protect it? Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. and responsible for one out of every four […]

Being “Grounded” and its importance to Human Health

The definition of “grounded”: “a mental/ emotional state not easily influenced by ideas or individuals.” Q: Why is this a desirable state, and what relation does it have to our health and wellness? A: A “grounded” mental/ emotional state is the result of carefully choosing one’s fundamental values AND taking action to achieve and/ or […]

Optimizing Your Mental Health

There are many measures of a healthy mind, but one thing is certain: to be healthy in mind is to be action oriented. Health is not a passive state of being in either the physical or mental realm. Passivity is the first step toward depression. So, to get and stay healthy in the mental realm […]

Five foods that decrease cortisol (the stress hormone).

Sometimes it can feel like stress is all around us. We are trying to meet more demands than ever and our self-care routine gets pushed by the wayside. That often leads to bad food choices and poor sleep habits, which in turn leads to internal stress. When we eat things like white flour, sugar, and […]

Top Foods for Brain Health

Many people rely on medications and therapy to help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, it is often not enough. The latest scientific advances have proven that how we eat and what we eat can affect how we feel.  Our diet can greatly impact our brain and fuels everything in our bodies. If you […]

SEO….what is it? And how can I use it for my business?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website with the goal of improving your rankings in the search results and ultimately getting more targeted website visitors.  Why is it important that you do this for your business? 1) SEO leads to MORE targeted traffic – Ranking higher in Google drives […]

State Change Book Review

Burnout, anxiety, and fatigue are what most of us experience on a daily basis. However, Dr. Berzin MD, founder of Parsley Health, in her newest work, “State Change,” believes those symptoms can’t be treated with pills or therapy alone. What happens time after time with patients is they ignore symptoms or suppress them with a […]