Being “Grounded” and its importance to Human Health

The definition of “grounded”:

“a mental/ emotional state not easily influenced by ideas or individuals.”

Q: Why is this a desirable state, and what relation does it have to our health and wellness?

A: A “grounded” mental/ emotional state is the result of carefully choosing one’s fundamental values AND taking action to achieve and/ or stand by those values in one’s everyday life.

Q: So why are values important?

A: Values define who we are. Without values to give our lives meaning and purpose, there can be no genuine health and wellness.

Q: So, how do we select those values that will enable us to be grounded?

A: By taking on the challenging process of selecting, first, fundamental values and then supporting values to help you select concrete goals/ actions to support the vision you have for your life. The ability to think with clarity and rationality and to select values that are life enhancing are crucial factors in achieving an optimum state of health and wellness.

Values help direct our actions to support our overall vision of what we wish our lives to become. They are the building blocks to achieving goals in our professional and personal lives. If the values and goals are selected carefully– and are life enhancing– the result of achieving them will be a high degree of health, wellness, and happiness.

The most fundamental (i.e., broadly encompassing) values are “spiritual” values. Spiritual values go to our core and define the most fundamental aspects of our character. It is through our selection and adherence to our chosen values that we find purpose and meaning in our lives—critical steps in learning to celebrate our spirituality.

For those interested in the subject of spirituality, the most fundamental of values, here are some final thoughts to ponder and an additional reference to explore.


Q: What is the human need for Spirituality in general?

A: “. . .the inherent human desire to connect with some ‘other’ that offers affirmation of one’s personal worth in the context of the vast impersonal universe into which we are born and live out our own individual time on earth.” – Alexandra York, author of Soul Celebrations & Spiritual Snacks

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