Brain Health: How to get it and Maintain it

Having trouble focusing on the simplest tasks? Fighting depression? Feel as though you have brain fog? There are ways you can improve your brain function and opt-in for a sharper, faster, better brain.

First and foremost, what causes a broken brain? Fixing your brain starts with fixing your body. Too much sugar, alcohol, mercury poisoning, low in vitamins, etc. have a huge impact on your brain health. Minimize the bad stuff such as stress, toxins, allergens, bad bugs, caffeine, whatever is causing your brain to not function properly. The brain is resilient and can recover and heal in the right conditions.

Our gut and brain are connected, so start by taking out the bad stuff and adding in the good stuff, it can be beneficial for your health in the long-term. Eating dark leafy greens, whole grains, nuts & seeds, good carbs such as broccoli and cauliflower could really kick start your gut bacteria and help reverse a broken brain. Eating the right amount of protein like animal protein, nut butters, and fish. Supplements are great for the brain such as vitamin D, probiotics, magnesium.

I also asked my co-founder about his experiences with brain fog. He told me of the serious brain fog he experienced during his sugarholic days in his early 20s. At 24 after reading about the benefits of fasting, he took the physically demanding step of foregoing food altogether for the better part of a week and drinking only a small amount of juice several times a day. It worked, but he experienced severe fatigue and in retrospect thinks he was lucky that he didn’t injure his internal organs during his rapid detox.

Thankfully, cleansing and detox programs have come a long way from a few decades ago. In our area of western Colorado, Dr. Scott Rollins, an Integrative Medicine professional uses phased cleansing/detox programs with his patients. For those interested in cleansing and detoxing for brain health, as well as better health overall, please see Rollins article “Cleanse and Detox.” Available HERE. In that essay Rollins refers interested readers to the “Fast Track Detox Diet” by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. Gittleman’s program is a series of steps using foods that help cleanse and detox the body and brain.

Being aware of what can cause damage to your brain and how to reverse it is the first step. Without a healthy gut you can’t have a healthy functional brain.

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