State Change Book Review

Burnout, anxiety, and fatigue are what most of us experience on a daily basis. However, Dr. Berzin MD, founder of Parsley Health, in her newest work, “State Change,” believes those symptoms can’t be treated with pills or therapy alone.

What happens time after time with patients is they ignore symptoms or suppress them with a quick-fix, over the counter medication, or prescription drugs. Although addressing symptoms with whatever product we find at the pharmacy may provide some temporary relief, it will not cure or treat the underlying issues that are making us feel bad day after day. Dr. Berzin identifies our “disconnect” from what is happening in our own bodies as the cause of anxiety, and burnout. If we learn to address this “disconnect, we can ignite a new baseline of energy and flow. She refers to this new baseline of energy as “State Change.”

The reason that many of us are experiencing burnout, anxiety, and fatigue is that we have been disconnected from what is happening inside our bodies and minds for many years to the point that we have lost the ability to recognize what is normal and what is not. This is due to not knowing there are other options besides conventional medicine out there. These options include functional and naturopathic medicine, and holistic approaches.

Symptoms might be annoying, but they are also critical pieces of information that you should take the time to listen to because they are warning signs of underlying issues. To assess whether you might have underlying issues or how your body is affecting your mind, though, you have to understand your body by taking a hard look at how you really feel. Dr. Berzin provides guidance in making that self-assessment with a symptom index on page 32 where she asks you to assess your health over the past two weeks. The self-assessment takes only two or three minutes, but when you are done, you will have a chance to connect with your body to find out how you really feel.

Dr. Berzin believes treating common imbalances in the body is the only way to achieve what she calls a “State Change” which is a shift to higher levels of mental focus, emotional stability, and flow. An example of someone lacking these qualities is a person who has trouble concentrating, experiencing depression, anxiety, and having low energy. An example of someone who has achieved a higher level of focus i.e., “State Change” would be more stable in their emotional and mental health, not feeling lethargic, and having high energy throughout the day.

Her prescription for achieving a “State Change” of specific foods, diagnostic tests, supplements, workouts, limitations on technology, and emotional-healing practices — has been proven by science to change how we feel everyday. This book is for anyone who is looking to find sustainable increases in energy and wishes to combat the anxiety and burnout that have become our modern norm.